Aviation Logbook Designed and Builtextensive maintenance & record keeping history combined for the best logbook experience

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    Roger HughesPresident, Decoding Human Factors LLC.

    "I'm impressed with the layout. You have created an inviting and educational site that will keep readers engaged in human factors education. Between the 'Dirty Dozen' and the 'Aviation Human Factors Industry News', you have assembled a world class learning environment. Congratulation on your work that you are individually producing"

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    Shane O'DonnellLicensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

    "I've been using Aviation Logbook for a few months now and find it very useful and a lot handier than before, good work, really like the lay out."

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    Jon MercerStation Supervisor at Panasonic Avionics

    "Excellent work Andy"

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    Roman MarshalkinAircraft Line Maintenance Engineer

    "Aviation logbook is awesome and very useful"


Access to a Huge Database of Aerodromes & Aircraftand Export or Print Reports from online maintenance logbook

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    Reynald FreyLicensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

    "I have been using Aviation Logbook for two months now, it is working fine and easy to fill. It gives a nice and clean pdf file that you can print and give to your supervisor and QA Department for approval. It will give you a great record of your experience that you will show to future employer when you apply for a new job."

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