Volume XIV. Issue 23.

In this weeks edition of Aviation Human Factors Industry News, 'Volume XIV. Issue 23.' you will read the following stories:

23 2018
  • ★Investigators Say Cracks That Caused SWA Engine Failure Developed Over Years
  • ★Aircraft Accident Report AAR 2/2018 - C-FWGH, 21July 2017
  • ★Lawsuit: Drill bit left during repair caused Cessna crash
  • ★Flight Safety Foundation Publishes ‘Controlled Rest’ Best Practices Guide
  • ★Incident: Frontier A320 at Las Vegas on Nov 30th 2018, engine doors separated
  • ★Timeline of occurrences and regulatory actions on Airbus A320- family engine fan cowl door loss incidents
  • ★JAL Sets 24-Hour Booze Ban For Pilots
  • ★And Much More