Volume XIV. Issue 22

In this weeks edition of Aviation Human Factors Industry News, 'Volume XIV. Issue 22' you will read the following stories:

22 2018
  • ★FAA’s Bill Johnson Receives FSFAirbus Human Factors in Aviation Safety Award
  • ★One Turn of the Wrench Exposes SMS Flaws
  • ★The deadly Portland plane crash that changed airline industry
  • ★Pilots are not high-flyers when it comes to English proficiency
  • ★Omitted pin led MD-11F to shed nose-wheel at Buenos Aires
  • ★Failure to add oil after oil change fatal
  • ★NTSB CFIT Safety Alert
  • ★Maintenance Errors Preceded Horrific WC-130 Crash That Killed 9
  • ★Airbus A340-313 - Ground Damage - (Turkey)