Vol XIV. Issue 16

In this weeks edition of Aviation Human Factors Industry News, 'Vol XIV. Issue 16' you will read the following stories:

16 2018
  • ★Distraction Kills
  • ★Fly the Aircraft First
  • ★Malaysia Airlines Airbus A330 returns to Brisbane Airport, reportedly with two pitot tubes still covered
  • ★JCAB raps Nippon Cargo over maintenance lapses
  • ★FAA Safety Briefing News Update
  • ★How A Missed Checklist Item Led To An Airspace Incursion
  • ★NTSB Hosts Loss of Control Forum at Big Wisconsin Air Show
  • ★Four Ways to Champion a Positive Safety and Quality Culture
  • ★How safe is flying? Here's what the statistics say
  • ★NTSB Uses 3D Models to Investigate Incident