Vol XIV. Issue 04

In this weeks edition of Aviation Human Factors Industry News, 'Vol XIV. Issue 04' you will read the following stories:

04 2018
  • ★Free Online Course in Aviation Maintenance Open to Public
  • ★Investigators Point to Defective Speed Readings in An-148 Crash
  • ★BEA issues report on October 2013 Fokker F-27 loss of propeller and partial engine separation
  • ★NTSB Docket: Copilot Flew Accident Leg, Against SOPs
  • ★Pilots Let Corporate Jet Slow Too Much Before Fiery Crash
  • ★Baggage mix-up put flight safety at risk
  • ★Airbus stops A320neo deliveries on safety fears
  • ★FAA Releases Guidance On Assessing English Proficiency