Vol XIII. Issue 26

In this weeks edition of Aviation Human Factors Industry News, 'Vol XIII. Issue 26' you will read the following stories:

26 2017
  • ★System Safety Services Christmas Message
  • ★22 YEARS AGO; AA Flight 965, 20 DEC 1995, Cali, Colombia
  • ★Ryanair culture ‘gone very miserable’, says airline executive
  • ★Human Error Blamed for CH-53 Window That Fell on Playground: Probe
  • ★Navy Probe Missed Key Factors in Pilot Oxygen System Failures
  • ★AIN’s The Human Factor, Episode 09: Flying Under the Influence, Part 1
  • ★NTSB: Drone/Black Hawk Probably Collided Due to Drone Pilot’s Lack of Safety, Regulation Knowledge
  • ★And Much More