Vol XIII. Issue 22

In this weeks edition of Aviation Human Factors Industry News, 'Vol XIII. Issue 22' you will read the following stories:

22 2017
  • ★Beware of the Invisible Horses
  • ★Blind to the Big Red Flag
  • ★Language Plays a Greater Role in Aviation Accidents Than the Industry May Realize
  • ★IAF lost 37 aircraft, helicopters in 3 years due to 'technical defect' and 'human error'
  • ★Court Nixes Airline Evacuation Procedure charged as unsafe
  • ★AIN’s The Human Factor, Episode 05: Engine Fire Forces Water Landing, Part 2
  • ★AIN’s The Human Factor, Episode 06: The Perils of Hypoxia
  • ★Hartzell creates composite blade pre-flight video for pilots
  • ★How An Abnormal Preflight Led To A Cessna 172 Taking Off With The Tow Bar Still Attached