Vol XIII. Issue 21

In this weeks edition of Aviation Human Factors Industry News, 'Vol XIII. Issue 21' you will read the following stories:

21 2017
  • ★FAA Aviation MX Human Factors Quarterly - 3 new issues
  • ★Train Crash Investigation Yields Bizarre Findings
  • ★Channel W5 investigation: Startling number of pilots report routinely falling asleep in the skies
  • ★AIN The Human Factor Podcast: Engine Fire Forces Water Landing, Part 1
  • ★AIN’s The Human Factor, Episode 05: Engine Fire Forces Water Landing, Part 2
  • ★"Houston, We Have a Problem:" 3 Steps Toward Achieving Accountability
  • ★Delta Air Lines Approves All Spartan College Campuses to Train Aviation Maintenance Workers
  • ★And Much More