Vol XIII. Issue 18

In this weeks edition of Aviation Human Factors Industry News, 'Vol XIII. Issue 18' you will read the following stories:

18 2017
  • ★EasyJet A320 damaged after chocks prematurely removed
  • ★FAA, FCC Investigating Misuse of ‘Mayday’ Frequency
  • ★AIN’s The Human Factor Episode 02: Flying into a Thunderstorm, Part 2
  • ★Manchester Airport Disaster – 22nd August 1985
  • ★Aviation Accident Rates Improve, but Pilot Errors Persist
  • ★El Faro: NTSB Releases Human Factors Report
  • ★Developing The Skill Of Failure
  • ★Doing Something is Better Than Doing Nothing…Or is It
  • ★SleepRate and The Sleep Council Call on Employers to Sign Up for a Global Sleep Fix Challenge