Vol XIII. Issue 17

In this weeks edition of Aviation Human Factors Industry News, 'Vol XIII. Issue 17' you will read the following stories:

17 2017
  • ★Irrefutable Truth
  • ★Here's Why Flying Is the Safest Mode of Transportation
  • ★Serious incident: Wrong thrust setting, long takeoff of Boeing 747-8 at Tokyo-Narita, Japan
  • ★Why is it ALWAYS the Pilot’s Fault
  • ★Paper Cites Beneficial Effects of Playing Video Games
  • ★Errare Humanum Est
  • ★Fatal GA Accident Rate in France Sharply Reduced
  • ★FAA Is Taking Advice It Earlier Rejected to Prevent Jets Missing Runways
  • ★Fly Safe: Prevent Runway Incidents
  • ★8 Easy-To-Miss Preflight Items