Vol XIII. Issue 13

In this weeks edition of Aviation Human Factors Industry News, 'Vol XIII. Issue 13' you will read the following stories:

13 2017
  • ★New part of FAA Accident library
  • ★UPRT Skills Transferability: Effectively Addressing the #1 Killer in Aviation Today
  • ★FlySafe – Startle Response
  • ★New: Human Factors Training for Pilots
  • ★Feith Urges Flight Attendants To Stress Safety Mission
  • ★Updated CDC Travel Health Book Now Available
  • ★The New Part 147: Where Are We Now
  • ★Long term exposure to aircraft noise linked to high blood pressure
  • ★What's Behind the Increase in Lithium-Ion Battery Fires on Planes
  • ★And Much More