Vol XIII. Issue 2

In this weeks edition of Aviation Human Factors Industry News, 'Vol XIII. Issue 2' you will read the following stories:

02 2017
  • ★Investigators: EgyptAir fire, crash may have been caused by overheating cellphone
  • ★Navy F/A-18 Returns 7 Years After Catching Fire
  • ★'Miracle on the Hudson' legacy: 70,000 slain birds
  • ★January's GAJSC Safety Topic
  • ★Drunk Pilot Prompts Safety Workshop
  • ★Confessions Of A Former Line Boy
  • ★717 took abnormal taxi path before colliding with Fokker 100
  • ★Helicopters Vulnerable to Laser Incidents
  • ★Maximizing the Benefit: Applying Risk Management Tools to Achieve Operational Excellence
  • ★And Much More