Vol XII. Issue 13

In this weeks edition of Aviation Human Factors Industry News, 'Vol XII. Issue 13' you will read the following stories:

  • ★Aviation MX Human Factors
  • ★Drowsy Driving Kills 6,400 Americans Annually
  • ★Report: TransAsia ATR-72 Stalled After Engine Failure
  • ★Main Gearbox Fatigue Likely Cause of Airbus H225 Crash
  • ★NTSB Reminds Pilots To Report Weather
  • ★Pilots 'very likely' to misjudge flying conditions due to irrational decisions
  • ★BGA: Pilot fatigue, error raised in ‘overrun’ on O’Hare runway
  • ★Critical decision making in an emergency
  • ★And Much More