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Improve and Share

Dewitt Jones a National Geographic (NG) photographer and a keynote speaker was given a gift of advice by his new boss when he first began shooting for the magazine. He was told that if you work here, you're part of a team of photographers that are the best in the world. You don't have to prove yourself, not to me or to the other photographers. What is required of you Dewitt, is that you improve yourself everyday, strive to be a better photographer, a better visual storyteller and everything that you learn, share it openly with the other photographers at the NG. Improve and share; if you do that, you'll do fine. If not, you won't work here long.

Throughout Dewitt's career with the NG, Dewitt kept reminding himself; don't worry about proving yourself just improve yourself! He discovered that he got better results a lot faster by focusing on improving rather than proving. He learned more by sharing than by hoarding. The quickest way to learn is to trust and share rather then compete. Good advice. Pass it along.

I encourage you to visit Dewitt Jones website to become inspired by his motivational message to see the extraordinary from the ordinary in life. Are you looking at life through the right lens? Click onto “Celebrate What’s Right With The World – The Film” . You will not be disappointed.


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