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Anyone who carrying out maintenance on an aircraft; whether you are licenced, operate on a limited approval, a mechanic working under supervision or an aircraft maintenance apprentice or trainee looking at recording on the job training

2.What are the benefits of using aviation logbook?

You cannot shuffle and store in multiple presentations (ATA order, Date of Task, or Aircraft Type, etc.) on a hand written or word/excel document with a few clicks of a mouse. On Aviation Log Book you can

If you use a spreadsheet to record your logbook entries, you have to have your own personal pc or laptop to hand to store the information, or have access to a computer where you can safely insert your USB memory stick. Aviation Log Book is available 24/7 through an internet connection through our secure server

It is always possible that you could lose your data though computer crash or losing your memory stick. Our data is stored in the secure Amazon Web Service cloud

You cannot (without a lot of time) customise presentations for your needs; aviation logbook provides you with tools to create multiple presentations of the same data with just a few clicks of a mouse

3.What is an aircraft maintenance logbook for?

To keep a record of aircraft maintenance tasks that you have carried out in accordance with the current EASA regulations

4.Why use an aircraft maintenance logbook?

To provide proof of experience for company maintenance approval renewals, adding type ratings, removal of limitations or even as part of a CV for a new job application

5.Why use an online aircraft maintenance logbook?

Easy to store, access and update aircraft maintenance tasks

6.Who designed aviation logbook?

The website has been designed by an EASA Part 66 B1 Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer with over thirty years’ experience in the aviation maintenance world

7.How often do you update your aircraft maintenance logbook?

After every maintenance task, as soon as possible after every maintenance task, once in a while when using ‘quite time’, or once every two years for an approval renewal?

8.How often should you update your aircraft maintenance logbook?

Ideally you should aim to update as soon as possible after carrying out any aircraft maintenance

9.How easy is aviation logbook to use?

It is part of our mission statement to make recording in your maintenance logbook as easy as possible with the minimum of keyboard strokes

10.Extra benefits and features if your quality department registers

A secure way of getting entries authorised, easy to review presentations, easy way to verify entries (photograph of the actual technical log page or job card), saves on paper thus reducing the company’s carbon footprint