British Airways Patents In-Flight Pill – Lets Cabin Crew Know What You Need

12 Dec 18:34 | Comments (6)


How about this! Check out the patent application filed by British Airways yesterday. While flight attendants for certain airlines are known to constantly check on First and Business passengers, imagine the flight crew knowing exactly what you need before they even approach your seat. Another drink perhaps, blanket because you’re cold, meal because you just woke up… 

Condé Nast Traveler explains that passengers will need to swallow the tiny transmitter: 

…this digital pill of sorts will transmit information to flight attendants to “provide water when the passenger is determined to be dehydrated, to offer a blanket when the detected temperature is determined to be below a predefined and/or preferred threshold, or not to disturb or wake up for a scheduled meal based on the determined sleep phase of the passenger.” All passengers would have to do is swallow the miniature transmitter and go about their usual in-flight routines, with the expectation that the cabin crew will be attuned to messages pinging from deep inside their bodies. 

Would you be down for swallowing the pill which is “naturally excreted by the body”? Check out the full 24 page patent application for the very cool technical details.



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