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When do you use an aircraft maintenance engineers’ logbook?

Jun 19 2016 | Comments (39)

The aircraft maintenance engineers’ logbook has been around for years, but in what ways do the engineers’ use their logboo...

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09 2020

AAIB: Biocide overdose in fuel after maintenance caused serious engine issues on Airbus A321

Apr 27 2020 | Comments (51)

At 00:09 UTC on 26 February 2020, G-POWN took off from London Gatwick Airport for a flight to London Stansted Airport. At ...

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04 2020 02

Incorrectly-sized parts found after Icelandair 757 gear collapse

Apr 12 2020 | Comments (3)

Investigators have found incorrectly-sized components on the landing-gear assembly of an Icelandair Boeing 757-200 which s...

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04 2020 1


Apr 12 2020 | Comments (27)

Incident occurred in Delta Air Lines’ new hangar An airport hangar was completely covered in foam after an “accidental ...

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16 2019a

SpiceJet engineer killed during aircraft maintenance working without supervision: DGCA panel

Jul 28 2019 | Comments (22)

SpiceJet engineer Rohit Pandey, who died at the Kolkata airport on July 9 after getting stuck in the flaps of a plane's la...

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15 2019b

DGCA to conduct inquiry, take action in death of Spicejet technician at Kolkata airport

Jul 22 2019 | Comments (4)

The Civil Aviation Ministry Thursday said the DGCA will conduct a detailed inquiry and take appropriate action in the deat...

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02 2019d

Mechanic's error blamed for 2017 German helicopter crash in Mali

Jan 20 2019 | Comments (1)

The 2017 crash of a German army Tiger helicopter in Mali which resulted in the death of two crew members was caused by a m...

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02 2019b

Florida man decapitated in freak helicopter accident identified, authorities say

Jan 20 2019 | Comments (7)

A maintenance man working on a helicopter in south Florida was decapitated in a freak accident last Thursday after the mai...

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23 2018b

Frontier A320 at Las Vegas on Nov 30th 2018, engine doors separated

Dec 08 2018 | Comments (56)

A Frontier Airlines Airbus A320-200, registration N227FR performing flight F9-260 from Las Vegas,NV to Tampa,FL (USA) with...

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22 2018b

Omitted pin led MD-11F to shed nose-wheel at Buenos Aires

Nov 27 2018 | Comments (70)

Argentinean investigators have concluded that omission of a pin following a Boeing MD-11F nosewheel replacement led the ai...

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20 2018b

Technician Accidentally Sets off an F-16 Cannon, Blows Up Another F-16

Oct 29 2018 | Comments (1)

This sounds like something straight out of a goofy military comedy, but I assure you this is real: a Belgian technician ac...

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