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When do you use an aircraft maintenance engineers’ logbook?

Jun 19 2016 | Comments (38)

The aircraft maintenance engineers’ logbook has been around for years, but in what ways do the engineers’ use their logboo...

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07 2017b

Air Vallee gear-up landing traced to incorrect maintenance

Apr 04 2017 | Comments (20)

Italian investigators have disclosed that incorrect maintenance was conducted on an Air Vallee Fokker 50’s nosegear the da...

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09 2017b


Apr 30 2017 | Comments (13098)

Submitted by Gordon Dupont  With permission from D.O.M. Director of Maintenance magazine  Distractions are an everyd...

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10 2017b

Explore the Plane Graveyard Where Crash Investigators Train

May 14 2017 | Comments (0)

It Doesn’t even look like a plane. The Mitsubishi MU-2 is in about a hundred pieces, spread over the floor of a warehouse....

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12 2017b

Stockport air disaster: The holiday flight that ended in catastrophe

Jun 11 2017 | Comments (4)

Fifty years ago a plane returning from Majorca plunged to the ground in Stockport, Greater Manchester, killing 72 people. ...

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24 2017a

The 4 Most Common Reason Why Airplanes Crash

Nov 26 2017 | Comments (21)

Airplanes revolutionized our modern-day world, making previously-unknown intercontinental travel possible. Thanks, Wright ...

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05 2018a

Aviation industry mechanics retiring faster than they are being replaced, report says

Mar 03 2018 | Comments (1)

A new report finds that while 30 percent of the aviation mechanics workforce is at or near retirement age, new entrants in...

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10 2018a

Just Culture Stories: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

May 18 2018 | Comments (2)

BY DR. BILL JOHNSON The author tells three stories about voluntary reporting and just culture. Fitting for this month’s...

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10 2018c

Accidents that changed aviation: Improving cockpit communication

May 22 2018 | Comments (2)

Aviation’s worst disaster occurred on March 27, 1977, when two 747s collided on a runway in Tenerife, Canary Islands. Five...

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