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When do you use an aircraft maintenance engineers’ logbook?

Jun 19 2016 | Comments (38)

The aircraft maintenance engineers’ logbook has been around for years, but in what ways do the engineers’ use their logboo...

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18 2017bb

Manchester Airport Disaster – 22nd August 1985

Sep 02 2017 | Comments (79)

August 22 marked the 32nd anniversary of the Manchester Air Disaster. 55 people died when a 737 burst into flames while ta...

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18 2017aa

EasyJet A320 damaged after chocks prematurely removed

Sep 02 2017 | Comments (35)

Investigators have found that undetected release of the parking brake and premature removal of chocks led to an EasyJet Ai...

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02 2018b

We must protect aviation safety culture, say pilots on crash anniversary

Jan 21 2018 | Comments (0)

Speedbird 38, a Boeing 777-236ER, was on a scheduled flight from Beijing Capital International Airport when it crash lande...

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04 2018a

BEA issues report on October 2013 Fokker F-27 loss of propeller and partial engine separation

Feb 18 2018 | Comments (0)

A Fokker F-27 cargo plane was damaged in an accident near Paris - Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG), France. Europe Airpo...

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03 2018c

Luggage-grabbing flyers ignoring airline safety pleas

Feb 19 2018 | Comments (40)

Flames of burning jet fuel licked the side of American Airlines Flight 383 after it screeched to a halt on a Chicago runwa...

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03 2018a

Undetectable subsurface defect led to uncontained engine failure on American Airlines Boeing 767

Feb 19 2018 | Comments (6)

The NTSB determined that an internal defect in a Boeing 767 engine caused an uncontained engine failure resulting in a fir...

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06 2018b

NTSB: Fan Blade Separation Led To United B777 Cowling Loss

Mar 18 2018 | Comments (5)

Preliminary Report Offers Few Other Details The NTSB has released a preliminary report on an incident which occurred on a ...

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06 2018d


Mar 18 2018 | Comments (9)

Gulfstream G150, Jan. 4, 2018, Kittilä, Finland The German captain of an Austrian-registered Gulfstream G150 was killed...

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07 2018b

Divers To Search For Stolen C-130 In The English Channel

Mar 30 2018 | Comments (7)

Mechanic Reportedly Took The Plane In 1969 In An Effort To Fly Home To Virginia. In May of 1969, military mechanic Sgt....

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08 2018b

FBI Offers Reward for Capture of Fugitive Mechanic in ValuJet Crash

Apr 17 2018 | Comments (1)

The FBI is still seeking Mauro Ociel Valenzuela-Reyes, a mechanic who worked for ValuJet Airlines' maintenance contractor,...

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