Aviation Logbook Designed and Builtextensive maintenance & record keeping history combined for the best logbook experience

Created for all Aircraft Maintenance Personnel

Aviation Logbook has been created to overcome the tedious tasks of; Handwriting numerous logbook entries; Chasing down the shift leader to sign off the logbook as a `true representation of the work described´; Posting off the document to the quality or compliance department for the final verification; Before finally submitting them to the aviation authority to renew a licence.

Only then to discover that the entries are in the `wrong´ ATA order, or `wrong´ aircraft type order, or `wrong´ date order and then having to rewrite all the entries again in the `correct´ order and go through all the chasing for signatures again.

Aviation Logbook allows you to create numerous different presentations of the same logbook entries in just a few clicks of a mouse.

Entering your logbook data couldn´t be simpler. If you know of an easier way, please let us know. The data entry page has been created so the logbook user will use the minimum of keyboard strokes and mouse `clicks´

Supplying `proof´ of the recorded tasks is easy too, as you can upload a snapshot of the tech-log page or job card to accompany your log entry.

Created for Aircraft Maintenance Compliance and Quality Departments:

For the Compliance and Quality departments, we have created a system that will minimise paperwork and time by providing a simple way of cross checking your engineer´s logbooks with aircraft records. In the time it takes to cross check 10% of a handwritten logbook it is possible to carry out a near 100% check using Aviation Logbook.

Our website also removes the need for you to chase up missing tech-log numbers, aircraft registrations or dates, as all these field are mandatory on the logbook users data entry page.

Your appointed logbook verifiers can authenticate entries with just a couple of clicks of a mouse, and without having to write and rewrite licence number, approval number, date, etc.

We have also tried to create a logbook that tries to minimise the chance of fraudulent entries, by providing a feature for uploading a photograph of the technical log or job card as proof of an entry. This can easily be viewed on the engineer´s presentation page and also on the actual logbook page

The savings in man–hours and paperwork, not to mention storage space will amaze you.

We are always looking at improving our website, so please contact us with any suggestions.

Mission Statement


Our aim is to make the updating of aircraft maintenance employees aviation logbooks as simple as possible and in doing so, create an aircraft maintenance logbook that will provide the compliance / quality department or aviation authority, with all the relevant information needed for proof of aircraft maintenance tasks carried out.

Our website home page is also dedicated to raising awareness to human factors and to promoting safety throughout the aviation industry.