10 2018a

Just Culture Stories: The Good, the B...

BY DR. BILL JOHNSON The author tells three stories about voluntary reporting and just culture. Fitting for this month’s...

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    Reynald FreyLicensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

    "I have been using Aviation Logbook for two months now, it is working fine and easy to fill. It gives a nice and clean pdf file that you can print and give to your supervisor and QA Department for approval. It will give you a great record of your experience that you will show to future employer when you apply for a new job."

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The Aviation Logbook Mobile App

Use our mobile App to record your work experience as you sign the technical log! Our autofill function removes the tedious task of typing out repetitive entries. The multiple predictive text fields and dropdown boxes make maintaining your logbook as pain free as possible.

05 2018a

Aviation industry mechanics retiring ...

A new report finds that while 30 percent of the aviation mechanics workforce is at or n...

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